Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Installation

For the energy requirements of Australian businesses, solar energy is a more advantageous solution because it is renewable and sustainable. Your business will save money and adopt a greener future if you invest in a commercial solar panel installation. You will also keep your promises to clients, staff, and other key stakeholders to permanently reduce your carbon impact.

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Start Reducing Your Energy Costs With Commercial Solar System

Good2Go Electrical and Solar Services is committed to assisting Australian businesses in fully using the economic and environmental advantages of solar energy. We are specialists in the marketing and installation of high-end, expensive commercial solar systems.

We are superior to others in the business because of our extensive expertise and current understanding of the sector in installing solar systems of different sizes and specifications. We provide inverter and solar panel solutions for business applications as part of our services. We offer warranties and protections with all of our goods and services. We collaborate with renowned companies such as SunPower, ABB, SMA, Solar Edge, and Tigo.

Invest In Your Future Energy With Good2Go Electrical and Solar Services


We want to make the process of installing a business solar power system for you as smooth, simple, and stress-free as we can. We recognise that these days, electricity expenditures might account for a sizable portion of your operating expenses.

As a result, we ensure that you receive what you need and desire for your business from the preconstruction concept to installations and outcome of the project. At Penrith Solar, we provide a full commercial solar power solution that is installed promptly, affordably, and with the least possible inconvenience to your business.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Penrith

Around Australia, we have contributed to numerous commercial solar projects. You can rely on us for frank advice on which solar panel is ideal for your company because we are independent solar power contractors.

For company operations in Picton, Campbelltown, Southern Highlands, Goulburn & Sydney Region and the surrounding areas, we build commercial solar power systems. Our solar installers are always around to offer a tailored service.

We understand how significant your company is to you and how you only want the utmost for it. We provide comprehensive solar solutions, as a result, to guarantee that your commercial building will receive high-quality solar installation.

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We are the top solar energy system provider in Picton, Campbelltown, Southern Highlands & Sydney Region. This is because we always make sure to install solar panels that are appropriate for your needs in every project. With commercial solar panels, we have assisted a large number of businesses.

Your company can save money on electricity costs and lessen the number of hazardous pollutants in the environment by using renewable energy sources like solar power. If you’re considering installing a solar panel system for your company, give us a call.

You can get free estimates on the service you want from our experts. Within 24 hours, we’ll respond to your queries or any service requests. You can rely on us for prompt and trustworthy service!

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In order to establish what is best for your company, we have the demonstrated ability to analyse your energy output and commercial needs. You are able to reap the benefits of government advantages thanks to our policies. You may switch to solar energy more quickly than anticipated, thanks to our flexible payment plan without using up all your funds.

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  • Premium Quality Panels
  • 1x20kw Solar Inverter


Estimated Yearly Savings
  • Premium Quality Panels
  • 1x30kw Solar Inverter


Estimated Yearly Savings
  • Premium Quality Panels
  • 1x50kw Solar Inverter


Estimated Yearly Savings