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Good2Go is committed to creating a more sustainable community by offering the power of renewable energy across Southern Highlands region. We pride ourselves on delivering the best solar panel installations with world-class customer-service that will have you referring us to your family and friends. Our team of expert solar electricians are all Clean Energy Council accredited and are experienced in installing solar power systems that are built to last.

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How do Solar Panels Works?

Solar panels generate DC energy when sunlight strikes them. This DC energy is delivered via wires to an inverter, which converts it into the AC electricity needed to power your home during the day. Any excess power is either transferred to the utility grid, where it earns a “Feed-In Tariff” from your electricity supplier, helping to balance your nighttime usage and further lowering the cost of the bill, or it is sent to the battery to replenish it (for battery systems).

A battery system will give you the energy that has been kept for use at night because it has been saved throughout the day. Our solar experts can suggest the best system for your energy requirements if you really need a battery pack or a battery-ready system.

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  • Premium Quality Panels
  • 1x6.6kw Solar Inverter


Estimated Yearly Savings
  • Premium Quality Panels
  • 1x10kw Solar Inverter


Estimated Yearly Savings
  • Premium Quality Panels
  • 13kw Solar Inverter


Estimated Yearly Savings